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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chip off the ole' Block

Great story from San Marino California on my buddy, Michael Bernstein, son of pro photographer extraordinaire, Andrew D. Bernstein.  Read on:

Whiz Kid’s Name:     Michael Bernstein
Whiz Kid’s Age:        17 years old
Whiz Kid’s School:   San Marino High School
Whiz Kid’s Accomplishment:
McIntyre, Bernstein & Lyons
At age 12, Michael served as the Director of Photography on the San Marino National Little League’s Board of Directors for two seasons. He has worked for the San Marino Tribune for the past four years. He’s the founder of a company that recently received legal accreditation from the State of California and serves the San Marino Unified School District, the San Marino Recreation Department and the Los Angeles Chapter of Legal Administrators--just to name a few. He’s also served national clients such as NBA Entertainment and Autism Speaks and has interned as a staff photographer at Staples Center and Nokia Theatre LA Live.  He’s currently a member of the San Marino Titanian Yearbook leadership team as the Sports Editor.
Whiz Kid’s Key to Awesomeness:
The key to Michael’s awesomeness is his open perspective. Whether it’s his ability to see pictures in motion--be it action shots of athletes or beautiful panoramas--or to stay grounded in his success, Michael always remembers to thank the people who stand behind him and support him in all his ventures. 
Michael would first like to thank his father, professional photographer Andrew D. Bernstein, who taught him everything he knows about photography and helped him realize that vision; every day he is learning from the master is a blessing. He would also like to thank his stepmom, SusĂș, for all the support she has provided in everything. His success wouldn’t have been possible without her encouragement.
He recognized and wants to express his gratitude to the people of this community (Mr. Kevin McCloskey, Mr. Mitch Lehman and Mr. Jose Caire) who have given him the opportunities that cultivate and foster his passion of photography.  
Michael’s humility is definitely what keeps him on the right track now and hopefully into the future. The fact that he does so much photography for the schools in his home and his community will keep him grounded as he continues to advance himself, his company and his craft. He incorporates this earnestness into his photography. All these elements, coupled with his continuing passion for his art, will take him far.
Michael's Family:
Michael went to Valentine Elementary and Huntington Middle School before attending San Marino High School. His father is Andrew D. Bernstein, a professional photographer and an alumnus of UMASS Amherst and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. His step mother is Mariel “SusĂș” Mulet, a labor and employment attorney and alumnus of USC. 
Michael has three sisters: Helen Bugacov (step-sister) and Juliet Bernstein, both of whom are 16 years old and attend San Marino High School; and his youngest step-sister, Emilia “Mimi” Bernstein, who is three years old and currently enrolled at San Marino Community Church Nursery School. Their family also has a cat named Lola.

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