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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The winner of game seven ....

Dear Phil Mushnick:  Tell me?  Will you see this graphic in a sports news report today?

The winner of game seven of the NHL finals is 15-0 and has gone on to win the Stanley Cup 15 times in league history.


I just love it when a sports playoff series goes to a deciding seventh game.  It is the best event in sports, no matter what sport.  Overtime in a game seven is, excuse the rhyme, heaven.  Only twice in NHL history (1950, '54) has the league's championship game seven gone into overtime and once, in 1950, has it gone to double OT.

The Vancouver Canucks lost to the New York Rangers in a seven game series in 1994.  

The Bruins vs. Canucks series is the sixth series to go seven games since 2001.


Surprisingly, the TD Garden will not be operating tonight for a Game 7 viewing party.  Organizers cited that there wasn't enough time but reality might point to cautious Boston-area authorities preempting a potentially dangerous fan control situation on Causeway Street.  


ESPN's Barry Melrose and Steve Levy do a great job.  And, Dan Patrick has fit in seamlessly on NBC Sports' coverage. Doc Emrick remains a hall-of-fame level announcer for ice hockey, although, I'd hate to see him call a NASCAR race.  "Driiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvve."


Mike & Mike Radio had an interesting list of people who are disliked in sports.  They included:

Lebron James, Alex Rodriguez, Ben Rothlesberger, Michael Vick, Roger Clemens, Bill Belichick, Terrell Owens

My list would include: Pete Rose (for beating up Bud Harrelson), Mark Messier, Tie Domi, 

I think Bill Belichick is a terrific coach and I was surprised they included him.


Anonymous said...

it's now Le'Gone James

Anonymous said...

dislike list: what, no McEnroe?

Anonymous said...

Globe Sports Page on 16 June:

Herald Sports Page on 16 June:
Canucks Cannot !!