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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Residents of E Street Mourn Once Again

This week brought unbelievable amounts of joy to the household.  The Boston Bruins Stanley Cup championship and the celebratory parade, held yesterday, was the main source of the joy and inspiration.  The win in the decisive seventh game came on the same day we closed on our new home which brought a feeling of renewal and a great future for our family.  

But today, I can't even think about our new home as the reels and reels of concert video run through my mind.  Today, I am mourning an old friend from my favorite neighborhood of music and that is the neighborhood around E Street, a place I treasure.  Yes, the residents of E Street are grieving once again as the news of band member Clarence Clemons death which resulted from complications of the terrible stroke he suffered a week ago.

This morning when I read the news, I immediately thought back to October of 2009 when I was lucky enough to grab an extra ticket to the final show of Springsteen and the E Street Band at the original Giants Stadium. When the concert began and again as it ended, the thoughts ran through my mind and I am sure through the minds of nearly every other fan and even the band members themselves that -- "this might be it." 

While I wasn't thinking the Big Man would be gone, I doubted whether he could tour with the band again.  I hoped for a special appearance or two at some point in the future.  Now, that is impossible.  Two members of the E Street Band are gone and the death of Clarence Clemons hits us hard today. Jungleland will never be the same but we'll have the recordings to recall the amazement forever.  See:, too.

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Dave Shea said...

Thanks for writing this Terry. The first time I remember hearing Clarence on the radio was probably back in 1983 or 1984. I was working at a local deli and Jungleland was on the radio. I asked a co-worker if this was the guy from Eddie and the Cruisers. My co-worker said “no, this is the ‘guy’ who was ripped off by Eddie and the Cruisers” of course he only meant that in the sense that the sound and feel was the same.

I have to think that Clarence inspired many a saxophone player, and as more of his music is played in the upcoming weeks, perhaps he will still inspire people to take up the Sax.

Yesterday, Adam Schefter tweeted that this was “another day the music died” my response to Adam was that it only dies if we let it.

I for one will do my part to make sure the music doesn’t die by pulling out my Springsteen CDs for the drive to work tomorrow.