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Friday, May 20, 2011

Judgement Day?

Some Random and Rambin' thoughts...

If May 21st is indeed "Judgement Day," can they wait until after the Preakness?


Having NBC Sports and the Olympics without Dick Ebersol is like having Christmas without Santa. Say it Ain't so?


There have been more MLB baseball games rained out as of mid-May then there were all of last baseball season.  


Kevin Durant of OKC is every bit the MVP that was awarded to Derrick Rose of CHI


I wonder why you don't have conspiracy theorists asking if the NHL is pressuring its refs to play favorites with the large market Vancouver (and the Western Canadian following) over that of little ole San Jose?

The whole thing is so ridiculous.

The NBA and its refs deserve better from media and fans.


I really like this Boston Bruins team.  Reminds me a lot of the NY Islanders in their heyday, minus the super goal scorer that was Mike Bossy.  Great goaltending, solid defense and depth work for me.  


While I'm on an NHL tangent, I'd like to applaud the NHL league office and its Commissioner Gary B. Bettman as winner of the Sports League of the Year from Sports Business Journal.  Good for the NHL.  By the way, Bettman does a great job on his NHL hour on Sirius/XM Radio.  I caught it live from Tampa while driving from NYC to Boston.  Gary's guests included the great Phil Esposito and Tampa owner Jeffrey Vinik (both former Bostonians).


The three most annoying thing in sports (currently):

1. NFL labor situation
2. McCourt shenanigans with the LA Dodgers
3. Hear-say coverage of Lance Armstrong.

On the NFL, don't you think the players association lawyers benefit greatly in terms of billing when there is a long, drawn-out legal battle?  Hmmm?


Red Sox vs. Cubs is the last reason to have inter-league play.  And, by the way, we're sick of the Mets vs. Yankees every year.

How can you add some new life?  

In spring training have a "draft" to determine the inter-league opponents.  Team with the worst record gets to pick first.  Do they pick a weak team to help get a few "Ws" or do they choose a powerful, popular team to help attendance at home?  It would be fun, add some strategy and intrigue?

I'll send my consulting invoice to Matt Bourne at MLB.

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