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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ricky R is Gahn ...

Spanish radio station Catalan COMRadio and the spanish newspaper Diario AS are reporting that Ricky Rubio is now close to signing a two-year deal with Real Madrid. Read On:

As reported by the station this afternoon Catalan COMRàdio, Ricky Rubio would have reached an agreement with Real Madrid to play in all white the next two seasons. The Catalan player was selected in the fifth position in the 'Draft' of the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves. To play in the NBA Ricky should pay his clause, about 4 million, so the player has claimed the club for the great difference between their wages and their regulation. The player was left with two choices, pay or play clause in Europe. The options I had in Spain were of Unicaja Malaga and Real Madrid. "There is nothing to negotiate with Ricky Rubio or anyone else while the player does not withdraw the claim against the club. Doing so can negotiate what you want," said Jordi Villacampa, President of DKV Joventut.
Minnesota announced the signings of two other draft choices, Jonny Flynn of Syracuse and Wayne Ellington of North Carolina/Chapel Hill.

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