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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vote for Johnnie's on the Side ... Friend of Ours

C'mon fans of TL who are aware and have truly been supportive or his pride and joy venture and investment in dear friend of ours, John Caron, and his life-long dream of running a tremendous restaurant. As you all have read, Johnnie's has really come into its own in the past three months and is enjoying critical acclaim throughout the Boston restaurant, sports and entertainment world. With the location a block from the TD Boston Garden and the venue size (200+ downstairs and 200 upstairs), the place has been HOPPING!

When the Celtics, Springsteen or our beloved Bruins are playing - LOOK-OUT.

When our new passion, indoor LAX, Boston Blazers were post-game partying, the place was JUMPING.

Cinco de Mayo, two bands and a LIVE DJay filled the joint. More to come this Friday when the Bruins Alum and Bruins wives host a "Beard-a-Thon" party...

Remember to do two things:

Head to Urban and give your HIGH GRADES to Johnnie's on the Side.

Send a check (to me or to the Bruins) and Pledge a few bucks via PayPal, or Credit Card to my beard by pledging and visiting Bruins.NHL com


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