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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bruins Get Two Quick Ones ,,,

The press room TV was tuned to some NHL TV station that did not have the NHL game between the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes on, so we grabbed the remote, fiddled with it and started changing channels. Next thing you know, we have TSN, and the Canadian TV coverage of the game. Eh?

Bruins post two quick goals to put Carolina back in their skate heels.

That is very, very good news for those of us hoping for a Game 7 at Boston and a full house at Johnnie's on the Side. Go Bruins.

Of course, this gives me a chance to plug the Beard-a-thon one more time. C'mon, if we get Game 7, I keep the beard a little longer and will actually POST a new photo of the "bearded one" as Joe Fav has been tagging me.

See the Boston Bruins site, by clicking on the Bruins headline above and go in to the Beard-a-thon and pledge to Terry Lyons.

Comon $10 or $20.. That's all it takes. The money goes to the Bruins Foundation.

if you don;t want to go on line, email me or send in a comment on and I will exchange $ and your chek, then use my Pay Pal to put the money in. We're only a little over $200 - so it has not exactly been a bonanza but the collective effort has the Bruins team generating some $81,000 + Not bad.

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