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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ramble On ... Sunday Notes...Nike Re-use a Shoe and Welcome to new Blogger

The "Ramble On" columns seem to be gaining some 'critical acclaim' as a number of people have mentioned or emailed that they enjoy the wide-ranging scope of the notes. I will try to continue the Ramble On note column with a weekly posting, hopefully on Sundays.

I started the Ramble back in October. It is a fun way of tossing out random thoughts, a joke or two, and some serious, thought-provoking items. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to post comments, call or email with your thoughts or suggestions.

And, now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Click on the Ramble on headline above for an interesting program which is being run by Nike.

When it comes to some spring cleaning, it will be time to take some of the old athletic shoes (tennis shoes, basketball shoes, cross trainers - any brand) and donate them by dropping them off or mailing to the Nike collection centers listed on the web site. (Niketown at 57th Street for you NYers).

The shoes, after they go through a special grinding process, will eventually become part of a composite playing surface for playgrounds or soccer fields.

Good stuff.


PGA launched a new feature last week. It is a monthly blog by tour commish, Tim Finchem. Interesting to the way they framed it right up front to be "monthly."

Here is the first entry:

Commissioner's Blog: Welcome to '08

Jan. 21, 2008
Editor's note: PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem begins a monthly blog for with this edition. The commissioner wants you to send him your
questions and comments about the TOUR and in future installments, he will open a
dialogue with fans about the things near and dear to TOUR fans.

Hello and welcome to the second year of the FedExCup on the PGA TOUR. We are
very excited about this year and are really anxious to talk with you, our fans, on a
consistent basis throughout the year.
We have redesigned to make it cleaner and easier for you to
navigate. We hope you enjoy it, but let us know if you do or you don't and
what changes you think we should make to make it even better. In a month
or so we will have additional features up and running to allow us to interact
with you on a better and more consistent basis. We will be making message
boards available to you so that you can talk to us and to each other and you
will also be seeing more blogs not only from me but from our players, our
management staff and others in the world of golf. We'll also set up a section
where you can ask me any questions that are on your mind and we will answer as
many as we can. We hope that you will tell us what you think, both good and bad,
about the PGA TOUR so that we can continue to make it as interesting and enjoyable
for you as possible.

I'll be heading out to the Buick Invitational in San Diego next week to meet with our Player Advisory Council. If you don't know, the Player Advisory Council has 16 members that are elected by our players. We meet and talk with the Player Advisory Council many times throughout the year and get their recommendations on issues that will be presented to our Policy Board. Our Policy Board is the board of directors of the PGA TOUR and consists of four players -- Joe Ogilvie, Brad Faxon, David Toms and Stewart Cink, and four independent businessmen, who are currently Vic Ganzi, CEO of Hearst Corporation, Ed Whitacre, recently retired Chairman and CEO of AT&T, John McCoy, former CEO of Bank One, and Ken Thompson, Chairman of Wachovia. Also, the President of the PGA of America (currently Brian Whitcomb) makes up the ninth member of our Policy Board.

The main topic that we will be discussing at our meetings at the Buick Invitational concerns our new anti-doping policy. While we continue to believe this really is not an issue on the PGA TOUR, unfortunately, the current state of the world necessitates any major professional sport to have such a policy. We will be educating our players on this policy and the prohibited substances weekly throughout the first half of this year and will begin drug testing some time in the second half of the year.

Other matters that we will talking about at our player meeting this week and in the future weeks leading up to our Policy Board meeting at the end of February will be ways to make the Playoffs more exciting. We are looking at ways to have more players get into contention for the FedExCup through exceptional play during the Playoffs and we are also looking for ways in which more players in the field of THE TOUR Championship will have an opportunity to win. We would be very interested in your thoughts on this subject.

Well, that's all for now, and I look forward to talking to you again in the coming weeks.



Nice to see the NY Knicks on 'over-the-air' with the MLK Jr. Day game against the Boston Celtics on WNBC-4. I have to applaud the MSG Network crew for giving the game that special "Big Game" feel upon the opening. Of course, when you have Mike Breen on the job it is a Big Game. He is ... simply... the best in the business.


I saw this item on John Edwards' daughter, Cate, and thought I would share it. I like her approach to the campaign. She is 25 years old, bright, and capable of helping her father's campaign efforts.

John Edwards' Daughter Says Dad Is 'Cool As A Cucumber' In South Carolina

If Cate Edwards is sweating the results of Saturday's Democratic primary in South Carolina, she's not showing it. Then again, that could have more to do with her upbringing than anything else ... after all, her dad -- former North Carolina senator John Edwards -- has been at this for a while now.

"He's totally relaxed with all this, he's as cool as a cucumber," the 25-year-old Edwards laughed when MTV News caught up with her Friday (January 25) in South Carolina. "When I watch him go into the debates, I'm always a bit nervous, but he's totally in his element. The policies he's proposed -- college education, creating jobs, universal health care -- it all comes from personal experience, so it's easy for him not to be nervous." /20080125/index.jhtml?rsspartner=rssYaho oNewscrawler


Vito's blue dog worries me a bit.

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Put a fork in Edwards, he's done. OBAMA!