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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Blog about a Blog ...

What has this world come to when there are people blogging about a blog?

It happens.

In many cases, the news reacts and covers a blog. Case in point in the NBA is Mark Cuban's blog which often gets covered, cited, criticized and praised.

In my case today, I am paying tribute to one of my favorite blogs which was smart enough to 'acquire' for its site. True Hoop.

Today, True Hoop makes note of several NBA players and their efforts to assist in a crisis in China to raise money for orphans. The players - most clients of Bill Duffy (BDA) - will play against Yao Ming and the Chinese National team in a sanctioned game to be staged in Beijing.

True Hoop mentions the genisis of the idea was a postgame meeting between Steve Nash and Yao Ming.

I know why they met. It came months after a gut-wrenching NBA Basketball without Borders HIV/AIDS awareness seminar that was conducted at the 2005 NBA Basketball without Borders - Asia event. During the clinic, young children were asked to tell their stories on their young lives and what had happened to them. Needless to say, the stories were powerful and there wasn't a dry eye in the small college campus garden area where we held the discussion.

The photo that is posted on Hoop captured the emotions as a young girl told her story, broke down crying and Yao naturally went to her assistance. A Reuters photographer capture the image.

I remember a very talented freelance photographer that had been hired by the NBA coming up to me after the clinic and apologizing for not "getting" too much in terms of photos. "I'm really sorry," he said. "I had to put my camera down." (He was crying).

I knew why. We were all crying.

Yao Ming, Steve Nash, together with a talented group of NBA players, plan to do the right thing. They are doing something about it.

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